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Part of the Inclusion and Belonging Track

Increasing Trust & Belonging

July 14, 10:00 am - 11:30 am CT
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In Google’s Project Aristotle, the company examined what makes a capable team, and found that who is on a team is less important than how the team members interact. It turns out that the presence of trust, openness, and psychological safety within a team are imperative for productivity and positive impact. Pulling on Google’s research and the four key elements of belonging, this leadership training will provide key insights for leaders and teams looking to cultivate trust, cohesion and ultimately high performance in their organization.



  • Google's Project Aristotle Research 
  • The 4 elements of belonging


  • Identify trust builders and trust breakers and you can increase trust on your team
  • Breakout discussion to identify the opportunities areas for increasing belonging on your team

Skills & Attributes

  • Trust building
  • Creating healthy culture
  • Inclusive leadership

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