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What Next Generation Leadership Development Looks Like.

Our innovative learning platform and community-based approach cultivate holistic leaders with the skills, qualities and mindsets needed for sustained impact.

Proven Learning Curriculum

Proven Learning Curriculum 

Relevant, cutting edge leadership topics and learning tracks that cultivate the character & competence to lead in our changing world.


Interactive & Engaging Trainings

75-90 minute training sessions designed to create meaningful learning moments and lasting application.

World Class Coaches

World-Class Coaches

Our trainings are facilitated by our expert team of coaches and instructors and pull in cutting edge research and insights.

The 5 Focus Areas of Our Learning Curriculum

Our curriculum cultivates the character & competence holistic leaders need to support their teams and grow in their careers. The Holistic Leadership research-backed learning tracks (each offered annually) focus on 5 core areas of leadership essential for today's changing world.

How Your Team Can Join the Holistic Leadership Community:

Ignite Community

Choose employees to participate

We'll help you rollout this investment to early-to-mid-level leaders with co-branded collateral and dedicated support.



Register for Trainings

Eligible employees will have easy access to live and on-demand trainings and learning tracks from our proven curriculum.



Learn Live with Peers & Experts

Your leaders can attend interactive trainings by peers, thought leaders, experts and CEOs from around the world.


Innovative Learning Platform

Holistic Leadership transforms your early-to-mid-level leaders through our engaging and innovative learning platform. They'll get access to live and on-demand content from our proven curriculum taught by world class coaches and facilitators, and our ongoing assessment tools measure progress of key skills and traits on the path to developing the character and competence of holistic leader.

Community-Based Approach

Holistic Leadership cultivates great leadership through engagement with a diverse and supportive community of peers. We know the value of a successful network and support structure. That's why the Ignite Community provides opportunities for your people to build connections as they learn from leaders around the world.


Give your leaders the training they need to build character and competence in their roles.