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Learning Track

Maximizing Productivity

In this 4-part learning track, you will gain valuable personal leadership skills, and identify helpful tools for leading projects and teams. See our full curriculum here.

Clock next to calendar

Prioritizing Your Time & Doing the Right Work

Time is your ultimate resource. Strategically planning your schedule and making the most of your day doing the right work is essential for effective leadership.

Goal worksheet on table with pens

SMART(IE) Goals: An Action Plan for Success

Do you ever wonder why certain leaders consistently produce results, while others often fall short of their goals? Delivering desired outcomes requires a combination of strategic planning and disciplined action.

Wood figurine with arrows pointing

Empowering Others through the Art of Delegation

Delegating effectively is one of the most critical skills a people leader needs to learn. Getting proper buy-in, providing a sense of ownership, and maintaining follow through are all necessary components of delegating effectively, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Man talking to his employees

Leading Purposeful & Effective Meetings

Meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity, and innovation in any organization; unfortunately, most meetings are a terrible waste of time. You have the power to change ineffective meetings by focusing on the who, when, and how of your conversations.