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Start with Why - Approaching DEI with Authenticity

Laying the foundation for effective diversity and inclusion work requires thoughtful focus. Our team members can tell if we are simply checking boxes or if we truly understand what’s at stake in this conversation and work.

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Recognizing Bias and Reimagining Systems


In Google’s Project Aristotle, the company examined what makes a capable team, and found that who is on a team is less important than how the team members interact. It turns out that the presence of trust, openness, and psychological safety within a team are imperative for productivity and positive impact.

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Increasing Trust & Belonging

Everyone has implicit biases that influence how we see the world, approach our work, and make decisions. Learning to recognize our biases and implement practices for inclusion will create a healthy and thriving organization.

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Exploring Privilege and Allyship

The ongoing racial justice movement is not only shining a spotlight on our systemic racism, it is raising awareness of workplace discrimination and inequity. As leaders, we have the opportunity to change our organization for the better.