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Learning Track

High Performing Teams

In this 4-part learning track, you’ll identify strategies to increase motivation and reduce conflict, and apply frameworks that will support overall team cohesion and collaboration. See our full curriculum here.

Business team meeting all high-fiving

Motivation: Get the Best from Your Team

Motivation is the willingness to get the job done by starting rather than procrastinating your work. Persisting in the face of distractions and investing enough mental effort to succeed accounts for 40% of the success of team projects, yet managers are often at a loss as too how to effectively motivate team members.

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Reimagining How to Give & Receive Feedback

According to surveys, managers rank giving direct feedback as the communication responsibility that makes them most uncomfortable. If done poorly, feedback can easily demotivate and cause tension, but when feedback is done well, team members and your organization will benefit.

Team of employees collaborating and laughing

Enhance Collaboration through Creative Problem Solving

For most of us, problem solving is a daily requirement--it demands our time and attention, and the process is often complicated when team members take different approaches to issues.

Man on online meeting with headache

Healthy Conflict for a Distributed Workforce

Conflict is a reality in the workplace and presents unique challenges in a distributed or hybrid environment. Handling conflict with a balance of confidence and humility is the sign of a purpose-driven leader and will create a culture of trust and collaboration on your team.