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Learning Track

Essentials of Management

Through this 4-part learning track you’ll grow in confidence as you acquire communication, engagement and coaching skills to more effectively lead your team. See our full curriculum here.

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Communicating with Clarity & Consistency

Effective communication allows leaders to cut through the noise, and bring greater focus and alignment to their teams. In this leadership training, we’ll discover how to provide clarity even when the outcomes are unknown and learn best practices for communication in the face of uncertainty.

Mug next to computer with meeting

Fundamentals of Leading Distributed Teams

Our world has shifted (rather drastically) to a hybrid work environment with some team members in the office and others working remotely. For managers, this presents a unique set of challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure success.

Woman on laptop on a call with man

Leading Effective One-on-Ones

1 on 1 meetings are an essential tool for leaders. Whether you oversee a department, have direct reports or lead projects, it’s important to understand the why, the what and the how of effective 1 on 1’s.

Woman coaching team

Coaching Principles for Managers

Your leaders are most effective when they are coaching their people to be their best, yet most managers simply tell their people what to do. When leaders learn and apply coaching skills in their management of team members, people make better decisions, solve problems more efficiently, and progress in their careers.