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Announcing Holistic Leadership’s New Curriculum and Website


Posted Sep 29, 2021

Since our founding in 2017, and through our merger with sr4 Partners, we’ve been focused on helping early to mid-level leaders thrive. Although the method for how we’ve done this has changed over the years (from international leadership retreats to a membership community with virtual, live trainings), our purpose has remained constant:  to cultivate holistic leaders with the character and competence for our changing world.  


Today, we’re thrilled to announce the evolution learning and development offering with our new leadership curriculum and the launch of our new website. 

The Holistic leadership curriculum draws on 5 core areas every leader needs to master:

  • Essentials of management - Providing leaders with the foundation for managing teams, projects and direct reports.
  • Emotional Intelligence - Helping leaders learn an effective approach to managing emotions and relationships. 
  • High Performing Teams - Preparing leaders to cultivate trust and increase alignment and cohesion for the best results.
  • Inclusion and Belonging - Equipping leaders to build a culture that values and lives out a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Maximizing Productivity - Ensuring leaders take a healthy approach to getting the most out of themselves and the people they lead.

Our new leadership curriculum. Each of the 5 core areas has 4 training sessions that are offered 2x / year in the Ignite community. 

These 5 core areas of focus draw from our research and experience developing leaders from Fortune 500 companies, early stage startups, nonprofits, universities and every type of organization in-between. We know that mastering these core areas of leadership will help individual leaders grow in capability and confidence, while driving performance, healthy culture and long-term business growth for the organizations they serve. 

This new curriculum will be baked into our live, weekly and virtual training schedule. Each core curriculum area is a learning track with four, 75-90 min interactive trainings, which will be offered 2x / year in the community. Members will be able to register for either individual sessions or full learning tracks, as well as take advantage of our ever-expanding library of on-demand content. As always, each session will be taught by world-class coaches and all members will have access to thought-leader forums and other topical sessions throughout the year. Best of all, we’ll continue to build Holistic Leadership through a community-driven approach that enables connection and learning with other leaders from around the world.  

Our cutting edge and research-backed training is why 92% of the leaders in our community indicate they have increased their leadership capabilities. 87% of Holistic Leadership participants indicate they’d stay longer at their company thanks to the organization’s investment in their development through Ignite. Our new curriculum will not only increase each leader’s effectiveness, it will also drive increased retention and overall employee happiness for our partners. 

To more clearly articulate the new curriculum and create a high quality user experience, we are launching the new Holistic Leadership website. We’ve updated the design, look and feel, and made it easier for your members and team to register for upcoming trainings and view all of our past trainings on demand. 

If you are leading a team or organization and are interested in bringing our new leadership curriculum to your team, please let us know by filling out this form. And if you are interested in individual membership, we’d love to have you join as a member by starting your free 30 day trial today. 

Happy training! 

The Holistic Leadership team


Ignite is a leadership community that helps your early to mid-level leaders thrive. Our proven curriculum and engaging learning platform cultivates holistic leaders prepared to lead in our changing world.

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